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A very special christmas story

December 24, 2016

On this Christmas Eve I want you to cast your mind back to a couple of months ago to a very special boy we so desperately had to help.   His name was Niko, Niko was an older red staffie fellow who had special needs. You see he fell down one day in the garden and couldn’t get up 😪….He was diagnosed with nerve damage to the spine.   This resulted in him being very weak on his back legs, very wobbly and he would stagger when he walked.   Sometimes he would have toilet accidents .   The search for a home for Niko was never going to be easy.   However during assessment his Staffie Auntie bent down, kissed him on the head, and whispered in his ear that we would search the length and breadth of Scotland for his very special staffie home.   We did …..and this story is dedicated to him……
It was the night before Xmas and the air was icey cold as snowflakes fell from the black sky leaving a dusty sprinkling of snow on the city streets.   Niko sat contemplating, he had been waiting patiently for a new family but time was running out for him.   “Nobody wants me” he thought as he lowered his head sadly.   “Who would want an auld fellow like me?, wobbly on my feet, piddling myself at times”.   A single tear run down his cheek as he wondered what his fate would be 😪….
Sitting gazing at the night sky he watch the twinkling stars.   His gaze came to rest on one star, one that shone brighter than the rest and twinkled more brightly than the ones  surrounding it.   He pondered for a moment …..” Surely not… can’t be…..could it?….Was that the staffie star?”.   The staffie star was legendary in staffie folklore.   A very special star that all the unwanted staffies across the land would follow, leading them to find their special home.   Niko struggled to his feet ” I must follow it “, he thought, ” it’s my last chance to find a home”.   He started to walk…….
He passed families doing their last minute Xmas shopping, giggling and laughing as they went , not stopping to look at the auld wobbly staffie that staggered past them.   He kept walking as he followed the beautiful star.   He came across a beautiful townhouse , immaculately kept with not a curtain out of place .   The type of house where you received a saucer with your cup of tea and  the milk was served in milk jugs 😉.Shivering and very tired he rested his wee paws on the window sill and gazed inside at the family within.   Mam and Dad placing presents under the tree as the children giggled excitedly. Then he saw her……..the resident designer dog…..quiffed and groomed to within an inch of her life.   She strutted around the living room with her nose in the air .   Suddenly, she froze,having spied the auld scruffy staffie with his paws on the window sill.   She sneered at him ” Clear off from here you devil dog !!!!, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not welcome here!!”.
Niko forlornly dropped down and walked sadly away.   He became aware of a strange chugging noise in the distance, ” it’s my old ears” he thought as he shook his head.
Niko continued on his journey, his back paws dragging on the cold concrete making them bleed and vey sore.   ” I don’t know how much longer I can keep going ” he thought,as he followed the staffie star……Suddenly, the staffie star came to a halt.   Niko looked around him.   He was all alone, all the families were home in their beds, the streets were quiet.   He turned his head to the left and realised he was at the gates of an auld Kirk yard ( people of Aberdeen you will recognise this bit😉).   In the centre of the auld Kirk yard was a small wooden building with a window .   He slumped down exhausted staring at the nativity scene inside.   Mary and Joseph sitting with Baby Jesus     In their arms, surrounded by the three wise men, shepherds and animals.   Niko started to feel himself get very sleepy as the snow fell heavily around him.   Suddenly, the staffie star shone a bright shining light into the nativity scene.   Niko watched as a wee figure standing next to Baby Jesus started to move towards him.   He watched enthralled as a wee sturdy Terrier X dog dressed in an old military uniform adorned with medals stopped in front of him.   ( This next part is true folks look up this special dog)….He started to speak in a voice that commanded respect.   ” My name is Sergeant Stubby,   I was the most decorated war dog of World War One, participating in 17 battles on the Western Front.   I saved my regiment from many attacks, found and comforted the wounded where they fell.   In the afterlife my job is to help the staffie star guide my staffie comrades to their new home.  I am also waiting for them when one day it is their time to cross the rainbow bridge.   I am here to help you Niko, sit down and listen “……….
Niko did as he was commanded, he laid down and rested his head on his paws.   In the distance he heard the chugging noise again only this time it sounded closer……even closer.   He watched in wonder as he saw head lights turn into the auld Kirk yard.   It was the famous wee staffie van !!!!! He felt a wee glimmer of hope ……….
The van came to a halt, the door swung open and out she came.   Dressed all in black in her staffie rescue hoodie and hat.   Her tackity boots crunched in the snow as she walked up to Niko.   She crouched down beside him and once more whispered in his ear..   ” Remember me son,   I made you a promise and I’ve kept it.   I’ve found you a wonderful home and I’m here to take you to it.   I telt you we would get you sorted , we always do”…..   She wrapped him in the warmest, softest, duvet he had ever felt.   Gathered him up in her arms and carried him back to the wee staffie van.   As the van started to move away he turned back to look at Sergeant Stubby who gave him a nod of approval. ” Thank you sir” Niko mouthed.
As the van chugged through the cold city, Niko turned to his Auntie ” Can we stop a minute, there is someone I need to see”….Niko strutted up to the posh townhouse , placed his muddy paws on the immaculate window sill and rapped on the spotless windows.   Inside the designer dog got such a shock she jumped up quickly, knocking an expensive bottle of red wine off the table , smashing it nicely onto the designer carpet and spilling its contents over the white designer leather sofa which cost enough to feed the nations staffies for a year 🍷🍷🍷.   She looked in utter horror at Niko who replied giving her the biggest wink that only a staffie boy can do 😉.   He walked back down the path cocking his leg on the prize roses in that special staffie boy way….😬..
The van chugged through the streets and finally came to a stop.   ” We are here Niko”, staffie Auntie said, ” Lets go and meet your family”.   The front door was flung open and the loveliest lady with the kindest eyes flung her arms around him and said ” Hello Niko I am your new Mam and here is your new family.   This is Molly your new staffie sister, and Pascal your new staffie brother ” Parlez Vouz Scottish” Niko said shyly.   ” Get yerself in pal in front of the fire , and have a cider ” Pascal replied in a broad Glaswegian accent 😂.  Standing shyly next to their staffie pals were the cats Lucy and Edwardo “Welcome to your home Niko”.. Niko smiled……..
Nikos new Mam bent down ” We have special boots for your sore paws sweetheart, and some new wheels if your legs get tired, we even have got you a new Xmas jumper 😀. You will never , ever have to walk the streets again, you have found yourself home”.   Niko smiled, stepped forward and let the love and warmth engulf him……..
Staffie Auntie watched the loving scene enfold.   She quietly left the house and walked back to the staffie van.   She was tired , it was Xmas Eve, she had missed time with her family and dogs, but would do it all again . …… The staffie star started to move again and she followed it on her long journey home.   She found herself passing the auld Kirk yard again .   She slowed down as she passed and gazed at the nativity scene.   Then she saw him…….
Sergeant Stubby stood to attention, saluting this staffie warrior as she passed in the wee staffie van, on her way to help the rest of Scotland’s  Staffies in need……🐾🐾
*So on that note we end this very special staffie Xmas story.   We would like to thank all the volunteers , fosterers, folk and staffies we have helped in 2016.   It is you guys that make the charity who we are.   We are now taking a well deserved festive break and will be back to help our beloved Staffies in January 2017.  Come and join us in the new year and be part of this very special Staffie crew…….
 So from us all at SSBTR we wish you a Merry Xmas and a Staffielicious New Year 🐾🐾xxx
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