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Adoption Rules

The following is a list of guidelines/rules we take on when considering anyone as potentially being able to adopt a Stafford from the SSBTR (Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue).

The animal is put in your care on the condition that the following conditions are understood and adhered to.

  1. If for any reason and at any time you are unable to keep the said animal, it must be returned to the SSBTR.
  2. Under no circumstances may this animal be passed into other hands or destroyed without the permission of the said rescue, unless, in a veterinary surgeon’s opinion such a course is required on “Medical Grounds”, in which case a certificate must be obtained.
  3. The animal must be housed indoors or in accommodation approved by the SSBTR. It must be properly cared for and have qualified treatment provided in the case of illness or accident and have yearly inoculations.
  4. At no time must the animal be allowed out without adult supervision or without a lead, unless being exercised in an open space under supervision. The dog must wear a disc showing your name, address and/or telephone number.
  5. An authorised member of the SSBTR must be allowed to visit your home at a convenient time to ensure the animal is happy and settled. If in the opinion of the SSBTR. the terms of the agreement are not being adhered to, that person may, without interference, repossess the animal.
  6. If the animal is lost or stolen, you must inform the SSBTR immediately.
  7. No dog or bitch is to be used for breeding purposes. Should any puppies be born as a result of a mating of this dog/bitch then the pups will belong to the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue. You must arrange for the animal to be neutered/spayed as soon as possible if this has not already been done, unless the circumstances are exceptional. (To be defined by a member of the SSBTR). You will be liable for the cost of this, and any subsequent costs or treatments that may arise.
  8. You should not leave the animal unsupervised at any time when there are children present.
  9. We strongly recommend that you take out third party liability insurance.

About the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

The Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue is an entirely voluntary organisation. We are totally dependant on donations and fundraising efforts. To this end we are always very grateful for any donation you can afford, however small it may seem to you. We also organise fundraisers every year - see our Events page. These events are always lots of fun and we guarantee that at the dog show there is a class for EVERY dog whether pooch, Pedigree or three-legged mutt.

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