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Dino’s Story of living with L-2 HGA

August 10, 2015

Please Read Dino’s Story to the end…. Dino has a loving forever home. This post is highlighting that Dino has L-2 HGA but also had a hellish time with the original owner. Thank you x

Dino is a wonderful, happy 20 month old dog who came to the Rescue last April after we heard he was being cruelly treated. This is the wee pup who was put in the tumble dryer and it was turned on.

Not only did little Dino have the misfortune to end up with a pathetic and cruel owner, but it has been confirmed very recently that Dino has L-2 HGA, a debilitating disease inherited from both parents. Most people and many vets still don’t know about this awful disease in dogs but it is becoming more common ESPECIALLY in Staffies.

L-2 HGA (L-2 Hydroxyglutaric aciduria) is a neurometabolic disorder which affects the central nervous system with clinical signs usually apparent between 6 months and one year although signs can appear earlier or later in life. Symptoms include epileptic seizures, atoxia “wobbly” walking, dementia, tremors and cramps, disorientation as well as other abnormal behaviours.

Well, little Dino landed well and truly on all four paws after his awful start and lives with the most wonderful, caring and loving family. He is a happy little dog but has regular ‘attacks’ due to the disease. L-2 HGA could kill Dino well before he reaches old age. This would be a tragedy for Dino’s family and for the volunteers at the Rescue who all love this wee guy.

ALL RESCUES absolutely deplore the massive over-breeding of staffies by backyard breeders when the result is many thousands of staffies being destroyed each year due to the lack of good homes. Along with this, irresponsible breeders only care about the pound signs and often do not care about the condition of the dam and the sire, never mind having the dogs checked for L-2 HGA or any other genetic disorder before breeding from them.

If you are one of these breeders or know of anyone who is, PLEASE don’t breed from your staffies and encourage others to do likewise – leave this to the responsible breeders who will test BOTH parents for genetic diseases. Please don’t let more dogs be affected like wee Dino.

For more information on L-2 HGA click on the attached links to their facebook page and website – share this with others.

Thank you x

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