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Meet Niko


Dog's Name: Niko
Age: 8yrs
Colour: Red & White
Ref: 16042

All about me

They say the eyes are the window to the soul so please look into mine and I’ll tell you my story……
Hello there can I trouble you for a moment? I know you may pass me by as I’m older and I have special needs , but even if you could spare me a few minutes to read my story I would be ever so grateful………My name is Niko and I am 8 years old , I used to be such an active boy but a couple of years ago I was out running in my garden and I fell down and couldn’t get up. …..I was taken to the staffie hospital by my family and got various tests and procedures by some lovely vets who told me I may have some nerve damage on my spine. Because of this I’m a bit wobbly on my feet and may stagger around your house as though I’m permanently on the staffie sauce 😉…Now I will struggle on laminate flooring so if you have this you may have to scatter some rugs down just to help me out a bit……Don’t get me wrong I haven’t been to a vet in a very long time and I still enjoy my walks although obviously I have to go slow….Because of the nerve damage sometimes I may pee but don’t know I’m doing it, so if your house is a spotless palace I may not fit in there 😳.I currently live with a grumpy Pom and a cat , in fact I was so good with cats I nursed a couple of kittens in my bed, I’m also used to kids and am very good around them but may benefit from a quieter home 😍….I would struggle with stairs so if you did have those I would need you to lift me up and down , but hey I would love you even more if you did that for me 🐾……..My family circumstances have changed so they are unable to care for me anymore 😪…My new family has to have patience , has to have understanding and most of all have the most loving compassionate heart that will allow them to take me in during my hour of need……I’ve been getting a bit despondent of late , you see I think no one will want me 😪, but I’ve just had a conversation with my staffie auntie . She bent down to me , kissed me on top of my head and this is what she whispered in my lug ……..”You just see son, we will search the length and breadth of Scotland , searching everywhere and leaving no stone unturned to find you the very special family you deserve , and when we do you will be going in your best staffie tuxedo in the wee staffie van to the life you deserve. We will get you sorted son we always do………” and you know what kind staffie folk of Scotland I believe her ! !……… if you could give my Auntie Shona a phone on 07725632232 if you could help me . She will explain all about the help and support you will get from the mighty force that is SSBTR and more of my story , and who knows I may be with you in time for the best staffie Xmas story ever ………waving my wee paw at you and doing my special staffie shuffle Niko 🐾🐾🐾xx 


Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Niko a new home, please call Shona on:

07725 632232

About the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

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