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Meet Zena


Dog's Name: Zena
Age: 3yrs
Colour: White & Black
Ref: 19009

All about me

Hello 🐾🐾🐾🐾

My name is Zena, almost the same as the Warrior Princess! 🧝‍♂️I am very much a Wee Warrior and a Staffie Princess which is the perfect mix. I’m 3 years old in a few weeks and I’m looking for a new family who has lots of patience and time to help me with my training.

I don’t really know about c-a-t-s though I’m very interested when I see them in the street so maybe best my new family doesn’t have one of those. 😳 I adore kids from babies upwards and being the traditional Nanny Dog, I am very gentle towards them. 💕

I’m great with other dogs as long as there are no toys involved – any toy I ever see is mine, even if a random dog is playing with said toy in the park and I really don’t like any other dog taking their toy from me. My new family would have to be very aware of this. I might cope living with another dog but toys would need to be taken away and I would need training to help me learn to share. 🐾

I am happy to be left alone, I don’t chew and I would never wee in the house because I’m a Princess 🙈 I love playing tuggy, balls and walks. Because I’m a Princess, I adore all attention though it appears I might be a wee bit wary of men so that would need worked on.

I am wary around buses – I definitely don’t like being on a bus. You see I was hit by a bus a while ago and, being a Warrior Princess, I walked away with very minor injuries. This has left me a wee bit scared of them driving past though. I randomly lost my front tooth too playing with a ball. Being a Warrior Princess doesn’t come easy…. Being a Staffie Princess, I don’t really like rain! I’m scared of these ‘nerf guns’ and prefer my walks to being in the garden. 🐾

I’m quite headstrong though I can walk nicely on the lead. I need a new family who will work on this with me and give me firm boundaries and lots of Staffie hugs.

If you think you would be the perfect family to let me share your life with you, my Staffie Aunties ask that you contact to arrange a homecheck so please contact your nearest Area Contact . For further information about me, please contact my Auntie Amanda on or call 07795 514073 after 6 p.m.💕💕

Giving you my best Princess wave
Zena xxx🐾🐾🐾

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Zena a new home, please call Amanda on:

07795 514073

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