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Meet Drey


Dog's Name: Drey
Age: 11
Colour: Brown/White
Ref: 15007

All about me

Hey there has anyone got room for an auld fella? Cos if you do here I am….my name is Drey and I am a 11 year old magnificent specimen of staffie manhood.. I am quite sprightly for an elderly dude and I love kiddies and I am ok with other dogs but I think it would be great to be the only dog so I could get all of my new families attention. I am good on the lead, and I am fine in the car although I like tae sit in the front and supervise proceedings!..I don’t like baths , I mean come on I’m auld give me a bed bath if you have to!, I also don’t like the wind, rain or fireworks, basically I like tae put my paws up and watch the telly in front of the fire..I can open doors- still life in an auld dog and all that!..I’m good with kiddies and only being rehomed due to an allergy. I am a bit thin the now so please spoil me and feed me up! I love attention and will come over tae you a lot tae give you big slobbery kisses. All in all I am a real sweet auld fellow and I will be a loyal companion to you in my twilight years.

Waving my wee grey paw at you Drey xxx

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Drey a new home, please call Shona on:

0772 563 2232

About the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

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