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Meet Gucci


Dog's Name: Gucci
Age: 14yrs
Colour: Black
Ref: 18002

All about me

Hello 🐾

My name is Gucci and I’m a very elderly staffie lady looking for an urgent long term foster home. At 14 years young, I’m very sad at the moment. My mum died a few weeks ago and I am grieving for her. 😞 An old staffie lady like me can’t go to kennels but time is running out and I need someone who will help me urgently.

I’m a dinky little black girl and although I’m elderly, I have no problems jumping on and off couches and I love my walks. I’m still quite fit though I do have some health problems. I have some lumps and bumps that don’t look very nice but they do not affect me in any way. My thigh has a massive swelling but it doesn’t seem to cause me any problems at all and I’m not in any pain. I walk a bit wonky but it adds to my little old staffie charm.💕

My Staffie Aunties think the best thing for me is to find someone who will care and love me on a long term foster basis. They’ve agreed the rescue will cover my vet bills for the rest of my life. Its unlikely that I will require any major vet treatment as, at my age, its not a good idea and I just really need to be kept as comfortable as possible as any old staffie queen deserves.

I’m great with other dogs but I’ve never lived with another dog or any other pets. I love kids – I was brought up alongside a child and I become a real nanny staffie with kids. I can be left home alone, am not destructive and I don’t really bark. Us oldies like quiet time so we can nap! Though I did sing my Staffie Auntie a lovely song when she visited! 😂 I’m great on lead and I don’t pull. I prefer being off lead so I can take my time and sniff around. I hate Christmas Crackers – they frighten me, I’m not keen on fireworks. I don’t really like arguing or loud voices. I love people and love a good cuddle.

I would prefer a quiet home with someone who understands me and can help me get over losing my mum. I don’t ask for much – nice walks, food and lots of affection. If you think you can help me, please contact my Auntie Amanda on

Sending lots of staffie kisses from a little old lady ❤️
Love Gucci xxx 🐾

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Gucci a new home, please call Amanda on:

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