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Meet Patch


Dog's Name: Patch
Age: 4
Colour: Brown/White
Ref: 15010

All about me

A very special staffie story for a dignified young lady…..

Hello there, my name is Patch and let me tell you my story……..I am 4 years old and I have led a hard life for a girl so young. I have been passed from pillar to post and have had a few litters of babies despite being a wee yin myself. Recently I came to the attention of my aunties and uncle at staffie rescue. A phonecall came in that I had recently started to not get on with the male staffie I was living with, it was also said that I “might be pregnant” but then again I “might not”..But also that I had to be out as soon as possible……..

So a lovely lady came out to see me who found me to be very thin and quite frankly the sweetest most loving wee girl she had met in a long time. The wheels of staffie rescue swung into action with much frantic phonecalls behind the scenes by my two staffie aunties to try and secure me a foster place. You see these kind folks at staffie rescue are really short for fosterers at the moment, and at one point it was thought that I may have to go into the kennels which they really did not want for me…..after what was to enfold even more so..
But then a fosterer was found for me a really lovely lady who stepped in at the last minute to welcome me into her home. My staffie auntie took me to the vet but as I was so thin they were unable to confirm whether I was pregnant , so it was arranged that I would have to go to another vets for a scan the next day.

That night.I settled myself into my lovely new bed with the softest bedding I had ever known, I had the finest supper I had ever had and the most lovely kisses and cuddles from my staffie aunties. At around 3 am my lady friend woke up with a start, one of those sixth sense moments when you realise that something is different but wasn’t sure what. She came downstairs to check if I was allright….and then realised with a start there was something different, I had delivered a wee boy! and I was still in labour!!!, recovering from the shock my lady friend just watched and let me do what I had to do and you know what……I did it!…….I delivered my daughter!….quietly and safely with no fuss, that’s the kind of staffie I am you see. Quiet, dignified and resilient like all staffies are…….
So now I am recovering in foster, putting on some weight, enjoying my babies and resting like all new mammies should. The weans are doing grand, misbehaving and pulling at me like all pups do, but I let them do it as they are my babies and that’s what mammies are there for isn’t it???

I will be looking for a new home at some point so if you would consider letting me come and rest my head at yours, end my breeding days and just love me for being me then I would love to meet you. My weans will also be looking for new homes but not yet, instead we are all enjoying our time as a family………If you think you would be willing to offer me a home please can you phone my two staffie aunties Fee on 07738268665 or Shona on 07725632232, please help them get a very special ending for a very special wee girl………..Sending you sweet staffie kisses Patchxxx

++Now folks I know there will be the usual rush for these pups, but please we are urging you to consider their very special dignified mum, she will be an exceptional addition to any home, and by jings she deserves it !…Very special thanks in this case to the young fosterer who stepped up to the plate, did what she had to do and helped a young staffie in need. SSBTR and the staffs salute you…Shona xx++

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Patch a new home, please call Fee on:

0772 563 2232

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