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Meet Sam


Dog's Name: Sam
Age: 5yrs
Colour: Brindle

All about me

Hello there my name is Sam and here is my story.
I have been a devoted pal to my daddy since I was 5 weeks old, and now at the age of 5 years I find myself without him.  You see he got really ill and has gone to a place called heaven.  I don’t really understand what that means but they have told me if I look into the sky at night at the brightest star that’s my daddy looking down on me. I have also been sitting and waiting for him to come home but he never does. My auntie and uncle have been really good though, they have helped looked after me and have asked my auntie at staffie rescue to find me a special home.  A bit About  me, I love my toys and to run after my ball.  I am always happy to see you if you leave the house even if you leave the room my tail will thump when you come back. I am a very calm boy in the house and I promise to be good. I have been ok so far around other dogs, I am not used to children as it was just my daddy and me you see. I am neutered and fully housetrained.
So that’s all really I’m a bit lost at the moment but I promise you I will be such a good boy if you give me a chance.  If you think you could offer me a happy ending please can you phone my Auntie Shona on 07725632232.. I will bid you lovely staffie folk goodnight now …….and to my dad – I love and miss you very much , I promise you I will be good and will always make you proud…..Sam xxx

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Sam a new home, please call Shona on:


About the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

The Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue is an entirely voluntary organisation. We are totally dependant on donations and fundraising efforts. To this end we are always very grateful for any donation you can afford, however small it may seem to you. We also organise fundraisers every year - see our Events page. These events are always lots of fun and we guarantee that at the dog show there is a class for EVERY dog whether pooch, Pedigree or three-legged mutt.

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