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Meet Sarg


Dog's Name: Sarg
Age: 2yrs
Colour: White
Ref: 17021

All about me

*A very special home needed for a very special boy*

Hello there, my name is Sarg and I’m looking for a special experienced staffie home as my staffie auntie has told me that’s what I deserve……I am 2 years old and I’m a bit different to other doggies on here. You see I can’t hear πŸ˜”……this wasn’t discovered until I was taken in by the rescue . Due to this I see the world through different eyes at times and it can be a bit scarey.😒…I really have to tell you what I need ……

-I need to be the only dog. I do currently live with my daughter but I can react to her movements and get stressed. I am a lot calmer when I’m on my own. Β I can react to other dogs passing my garden and out and about . I also will react to birds ..

-I am ok with kiddies but i can’t cope with young ones . The world is a scarey enough place and I don’t want to be scared with sudden movements from them running around . I am also a strong chunky boy who could knock them over.

-I need my own enclosed garden to chill out in and relax.

-I need an owner with a consistent lifestyle and I respond very well to routine . I relax then as it’s familiar as I don’t like change.

-I need an owner who will continue my training and be consistent with it.

I walk well on the lead and have been neutered. All in all I am a very loving , cuddly boy who just needs the right home for me .Β 

I know I’m quirky and I know I’m different but sometimes it’s good to be different isn’t it ? πŸ˜‰……

If you think you could be the home for me please could you phone my Auntie Shona on 07725632232 or email …..

Waving my big proud staffie boy paw at you…Sarg 🐾🐾xx

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving Sarg a new home, please call Shona on:

07725 632232

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