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Meet The Twins

The Twins

Dog's Name: The Twins
Age: 10 months
Colour: White
Ref: 19006 & 19007

All about me

Hello there 🐾🐾🐾

We’re the twins! We’re so handsome and strong and we’re still growing. We are only nine months old but before you start calling the Aunties, PLEASE KEEP READING because we need a very special home!😁

We’re very special boys because we are both Deaf. We are really clever because we’ve been taught some Dog Sign Language so if you want to be our new family, you would need to learn too and keep teaching us both new things! Please don’t underestimate how different it would be with us – remember we can’t hear our names being called and even simple things like waking us up or attracting our attention has to be done a certain way.

We are big boys already and very strong so we will need someone who is strong enough to walk us and keep us safe which means you will never be able to let us off lead unless in an enclosed area and our Staffie Aunties will put this in our adoption contract. We need to stay together because we’re bro’s!

We’re really friendly and playful boys but one of us is the confident one and the other appears more aware of what’s going on around him. We love the bath but, like true staffies, hate the rain! We love playing together. One bro is a big sook so loves cuddles and kisses and chew bones. We both love bones but the wee twin also loves kisses, balls and food.

We haven’t really met human kids and because we’re Deaf, we couldn’t live with pre-teen children. We haven’t really met any c-a-t-s so maybe best for our new family not to have any small fluffy scratchy things. We do like other dogs but given our needs, it might be better than there are no other dogs.

If you think you can provide for our needs, our Auntie Amanda knows us and can give more information by emailing or call her but only after 6 p.m. on 07795 514073

Giving you our paws and best staffie smiles 
Love The Twins xx 🐾🐾🐾

Would you like to rescue me?

If you'd like to make an enquiry about giving The Twins a new home, please call Amanda on:

07795 514073

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