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Sunny Jim

Sunny Jim



Well hullo!

I’m a handsome boy and they call me Sunny Jim. They say I have a sunny nature and bright outlook on life. Personally all I’m bothered about is my comfy bed, a cuddle and the odd treat. I’ve got quite simple needs in life.

I’m very young in looks and at heart and my staffie aunties were shocked when they discovered I’d just turned 8 years young. Nothing wrong with being slightly older distinguished gent – think of Sean Connery who I frequently like to compare myself to 😉

They say I’m so laid back and nothing fazes me so I’d fit well into most homes. I probably couldn’t cope with cats and I might be best with a calmer dog that I would have to meet beforehand. I’m quite good on a lead and love roaming though sometimes, when its cold, I prefer just being back in my bed. My staffie aunties say that they can find no fault with me at all. I’m a perfect big staffie gent who just likes to lounge – what’s wrong with that??

I need a home to call my own as soon as possible as, although I’m safe and well cared for, I need my comforts. I am chipped but need vaccinated and neutered.

If you think you can provide me with a comfy bed, please contact your nearest Staffie Auntie to arrange a homecheck. If you want some more information about me, please contact my Aunty Amanda at


Sunny Jim 😊


Dog's Name: Sunny Jim
Age: 8yrs
Colour: Red & White
Ref: 17028

Rescue Me





Hello there

My name is Skye and I’m a beautiful boisterous 4 year old girl.

I am looking for a new home because my current family can no longer provide me with the care I need. I live with a baby though I can be a bit too boisterous to be around little ones. I also live quite happily with two cats. This, of course, still means that I still need careful introductions to any other animals,

I still need to be neutered and this will need to be done as soon as possible. My bestie is a Labradoodle though I am quite wary with other dogs after I was attacked a few months ago.

I don’t like being left alone so cry a little at first but then I just go to sleep. I love to chew at pillows. I’m housetrained and good on the lead. I love water so much that I even try to jump in the bath with my family given half the chance!

Like most staffies, I love attention and having someone give my neck and thigh a good scratch. I drag my blankie around with me because I love it so much! I am wary of new experiences and can be very nervous though with time and care, I can easily get used to things. I’d prefer a new home with a garden that I can play in.

You will need to have a home check carried out first so you may need to speak with one of my other aunties to arrange this

Lots of staffie kissed, Skye xx

Dog's Name: Skye
Age: 4yrs
Colour: Blue
Ref: 17026

Rescue Me



Hello there all you Staffie lovers……. Let me introduce myself my name is Pheobe 😊 I am only 2-3yrs old and such a bonnie girl just look at my smile.  I am looking for a new home to call my own.  I didn’t have a great start to my life and I am still learning new things every day.   I have not been around any kiddies so a home with grown up kiddies would be best for me.  I am ok with other dogs if you take your time with me and let me get to know them, my best pal is a spaniel and she is showing me the ropes.  I can be naughty on the lead and pull but my aunties say this can all be helped with time and training.  I love to give cuddles and kisses all for a belly rub 😊.  I like to chase cats so I would not be any use if you have one.  I can be nervous of new things but again with some training and someone that can help me build up my confidence there will be no stopping me.  I can be left on my own for a wee while and I don’t get up to any mischief and I have my bed in the kitchen which I am happy to sleep on but give me half the chance and I will curl up somewhere nice and cosy 😊

If you think I sound like the right girl for you then please contact my aunty Janette but remember you will need to have a home check done first so you may need to speak with one of my other aunties to get this arranged. Pheobe xx

Dog's Name: Pheobe
Age: 2-3yr
Colour: Tiger Brindle
Ref: 17025

Rescue Me



*A very special home needed for a very special boy*

Hello there, my name is Sarg and I’m looking for a special experienced staffie home as my staffie auntie has told me that’s what I deserve……I am 2 years old and I’m a bit different to other doggies on here. You see I can’t hear 😔……this wasn’t discovered until I was taken in by the rescue . Due to this I see the world through different eyes at times and it can be a bit scarey.😢…I really have to tell you what I need ……

-I need to be the only dog. I do currently live with my daughter but I can react to her movements and get stressed. I am a lot calmer when I’m on my own.  I can react to other dogs passing my garden and out and about . I also will react to birds ..

-I am ok with kiddies but i can’t cope with young ones . The world is a scarey enough place and I don’t want to be scared with sudden movements from them running around . I am also a strong chunky boy who could knock them over.

-I need my own enclosed garden to chill out in and relax.

-I need an owner with a consistent lifestyle and I respond very well to routine . I relax then as it’s familiar as I don’t like change.

-I need an owner who will continue my training and be consistent with it.

I walk well on the lead and have been neutered. All in all I am a very loving , cuddly boy who just needs the right home for me . 

I know I’m quirky and I know I’m different but sometimes it’s good to be different isn’t it ? 😉……

If you think you could be the home for me please could you phone my Auntie Shona on 07725632232 or email …..

Waving my big proud staffie boy paw at you…Sarg 🐾🐾xx

Dog's Name: Sarg
Age: 2yrs
Colour: White
Ref: 17021

Rescue Me

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