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Heart Warming Story

May 17, 2016

Well folks do you remember the urgent appeal a few weeks back we had for a wee staffie boy who hadn’t been well for a fosterer?..we searched the length and breadth of Scotland for finding that special home who would look after this boy as all staffies deserve to be looked after..
In the meantime in a different part of Scotland we had another very special staffie elderly boy . His name was Jake, Jake was in foster with our own Bill an older gentleman who has been a lifelong supporter of our breed and a great asset to the rescue. Jake sadly was ill and over the last couple of weeks his health deteriorated and the time was right to let him go. We were all devastated none more so than Bill who missed his faithful pal who would potter about the house and claim the sofa and Bill’s bed as his own. In the days that followed myself and fellow staffie auntie Fee would phone Bill to make sure he was alright . On a couple of occasions I had mentioned our search for help for this other staffie boy…One night as our conversation drew to a close , Bill quietly said to me “Right Shona, the bed is ready, the sofa is waiting, I’ll be expecting him tomorrow”……..The wheels were put in motion, staffie boy was picked up and moved to Bills. He ambled in, had a sniff, Bill patted his lap and staffie boy jumped in it……….this picture is the proof., totally devoted to one another within minutes of meeting…
So to staffie boy Brodie I think you have found your forever foster…….To Bill thank you for letting us give you a new best pal…….and to a certain auld fellow looking down from Staffie heaven , your staffie aunties and dad will never forget you… in peace Jake boy, no more pain now…….Shona and Fee xxx ( thanks also to Auntie Fiona for fostering Jake initially) xx …………..think about being a fosterer folks, your staffies need you

Bill & Brodie

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