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RSPCA Launches Video Plea for the ‘misunderstood’ staffy

August 10, 2015

In a bid to ‘re-brand’ the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the RSPCA has launched a new film to demonstrate the loving role of Staffies in family life throughout the ages.

The charity has launched the following film to help the public learn more about this misunderstood breed and to encourage responsible re-homing. Up to 80 per cent of the dogs in many RSPCA centres are Staffies or Staffy-crosses and the numbers continue to rise. This is most notably down to shifts in public attitudes towards the breed, meaning the dog has become increasingly associated with gang violence and anti-social behaviour rather than as a doting family pet or adored companion.

RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley said:

“Staffies have been adored family pets in Britain for well over a century but we’ve certainly seen a change in the way that the breed has been treated in recent years. From the numbers we take into our dog centres, it’s clear that increasing numbers of Staffies have been poorly trained and badly treated, and then abandoned when their owners find them too hard to manage.

“This video demonstrates how rewarding owning a Staffy can be. If you, or anyone you know, are thinking about rehoming or buying a dog, please share the video link and help us give new homes to thousands of Staffies who deserve our love and affection.”


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