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Staffie Xmas Story

January 10, 2018

It wouldn’t be a staffie Christmas without the staffie Xmas story😘enjoy folks …….🎅🐾🐾🐾🐾

It was Christmas Eve and all across the land families were settling down in their beds, their staffies were curled up content looking forward to the big day when they would receive lots of toys, treats, cuddles and love……… Except for one………….Storm, a tiny lady staffie was curled up in her wee bed in kennels. She had been in kennels for months and months with not an offer of a home. She forlornly lay down her head and tried to work out why no one wanted her. She had tried her best, she had been attending the Paws for Progress Programme, received many a certificate for her achievements, smiled and tried to look her best for photographs, but still, no one came forward to offer her a home. “Is it because I am not a puppy?” or “Is it because I am getting older?” She lamented over and over again what it was she was doing wrong, a small tear rolled slowly down her cheek 😢Meanwhile……..
Far far away in a land full of snow, Sergeant Stubby and the staffie soldiers were stocking up the monumental flying machine that was known as the staffie sleigh. The staffie sleigh was legendary in staffie circles. It was the staffie equivalent of Santa and his reindeers who would fly across the land distributing gifts to all the staffies. Sergeant Stubby a legend in staffie history led his motley bunch of crew keeping order and trying to prevent any staffie shenanigans on the way. At the front leading was Rudy…Rudy was a handsome young red Stafford that had the brightest red nose you ever did see. You see when the sleigh was in transit if Rudy sensed a house with a staffie in it his nose would glow and glow and the sleigh would slowly descend and bring armfuls of goodies to that staffie household. Behind Rudy was the most prettiest red girl staffie whose smile would melt any staffie boys heart. Her name was Princess Breagha. Princess Breagha was the most gentlest, kind, lady staffie who would care for all the rescue staffies in need. Letting them know that everything was going to be ok and that a home would be found for them. Across from Breagha was the oldest member of the crew the elderly statesman, a lovely brindle staffie boy called Nog, now our Nog had false teeth, was tone deaf and wobbled when he flew but he was a national institution in staffie circles. He kept the youngsters in check while dishing out sweeties to all the staffie pups on route. Finally, we meet the last of our special crew, the one the only, Big Daddy….Big Daddy was the largest, hairiest , formidable black staffie you could ever think about. The true definition of a staffie loveable rogue, a true staffie bad boy. Not long out of HMP Stafford for staffie shenanigans that we won’t go into in a xmas story🙃however Big Daddy had a heart of gold but would never admit it in public….
The sleigh was packed up all ready to go, Sergeant Stubby roared “Onwards and Upwards” and up they went……Climbing higher and higher into the night sky leaving a trail of staffie sleigh magic dust in their wake…They distributed presents down all the staffie chimneys in all the homes that they did see. Finally in the dead of the night their work was over…”Onwards and Upwards, staffie soldiers” “Onwards and Upwards “ Sergeant Stubbie commanded and the sleigh started to climb. But then……a strange thing happened…..Rudy’s nose started twitching and glowing red…..”What’s the problem?” shouted Stubby…Breagha battered her eyelashes at Rudy “You ok Sweetheart?”….Nog exclaimed “Would you like a sweetie??”… and Big Daddy well Big Daddy just grunted “Are you all right Guvnor?”… Rudy shouted “Wait this can only mean one thing we have forgotten someone!? There is still a staffie out there!!”…….”OK son “said Stubby we shall be guided by you, go with your nose, let it lead the way”……..and so they flew……..
Storm sighed deeply,” I don’t want to spend xmas in kennels I want my own family, I want my bed in front of my own fire, a kind hand to stroke me..Is that too much to ask??”…..Suddenly, she heard a jingling noise….a bright light shone through the kennel windows. She raised her wee head from her paws. The kennel doors swung open…. She stared in awe at the group that stood before her……a stocky wee staffie in full military uniform adorned with medals, a beautiful red girl with the kindest eyes, an older stottering staffie with no teeth flinging sweeties around the kennels, and a hairy staffie giant whose front paw was bigger than her head…… She gasped……
“Hello Storm”, Sergeant Stubby said quietly, “Here stands before you the Staffie Sleigh crew, Rudy the Red nosed staffie led us here”…..Rudy stepped from behind Sergeant Stubby his nose glowing like a staffie beacon of hope.. Paws full of gifts he distributed gifts in each of the kennels for all the unwanted rescue dogs. He handed an envelope to Storm, “You can open this when we leave” he whispered……
Storm watched in wonder as the motley crew departed slowly on their way. She stood up looking out of her kennel window and gasped in wonder. The staffie sleigh stood in all its glory, covered in fairy lights and tinsel twinkling in the cold night. The crew took their places and waited for the famous command…… “Onwards and Upwards Staffie Soliders, Onwards and Upwards”….It started to climb and climb towards the stars…..just before it went out of sight she watched as the biggest scariest staffie turned to look at her and she gasped, then…..he winked…..At this point Storm was overcome, “What had just happened? Was she dreaming?”.
She sat back down in her new pink bed covered in sequins (a gift from Princess Breagha), sprayed herself with Eau de Stafford (From Rudy), ate a sausage sweetie (From Nog) and filed her nails with a nail file from Big Daddy (well at least she hoped it was a nail file) and looked at the envelope…She opened it with her wee paws and this is what she read……..

A promise to a special rescue staffie……..

Dear Storm , you have been visited by the Staffie Sleigh Crew. We want you to know that you matter, that you are loved and that you won’t be forgotten in your kennel. We want you to enjoy your gifts and don’t be sad. For tomorrow will be the last christmas day you spend in kennels. For you are with Scottish Staffie Rescue. Scottish Staffie Rescue is the oldest Staffie Rescue in Scotland and has been rehoming Staffords since 1973. Every single one of the Staffie Sleigh Crew was rescued by Staffie Rescue and they along with all the Staffie human crew will be fighting for you and your fellow staffies in need. We will not give up , we will keep searching and we will find you the right home and family to call your own. You keep smiling our beloved Storm for 2018 shall be your year….

All our love the Staffie Sleigh Crew……….

Storm lay back down in her new bed, her belly fully of sausage sweeties, smelling beautiful and her nails immacutely filed (ahem), the first time she had felt at peace in a while, and you know what ………she smiled…. for she knew it was true ❤️❤️❤️…..

IF anyone is interested in adopting the beautiful Storm please get in touch with your local volunteer. She is a wee lovely lady who has been working hard with the Paws for Progress Team and deserves a chance of a family.
Merry Xmas staffie folks, thank you to all for your support in 2017. Big hugs to all the staffies we have helped , thanks to all our lovely foster families without you we would be lost. Thanks to all the fellow rescues we have worked with along the way. Also and not forgetting, thank you to all our volunteers, you really are true staffie angels…..Here’s to 2018 and to Storm and all the fellow staffies in need, we will get you sorted we always do……..

We are now closed over the festive season folks and will be open once again on Monday 8th January to help the nations staffies in need. We would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Staffielicious New Year. Come and help us help them in 2018 you won’t regret it……

Storm Xmas Story 2017

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